A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Me Myself & Die is an isometric puzzle game where the goal is to orchestrate and manipulate your death to progress. Each time you die, you leave behind a block. Arrange these blocks to solve the puzzle. However, dying in the right place isn't always easy...

Me, Myself & Die is a student project that is in development for Android & PC. The game features 40+ levels with exciting, interesting mechanics that will test your puzzle-solving abilities.

Playtesting Feedback Form: https://forms.gle/QRSdvefNE9oUGgFt9



- Jason Marsh (https://www.jasemarsh.com/)
- Mateusz Solle (http://www.mateuszsolle.com/)
- Dean Subritzky (https://www.deansubritzky.com/)


- Martin Widdowson (https://www.artstation.com/martinwiddowson)
- Sie McEachern (https://mceachern.artstation.com/)


- David Flintoft (https://www.davidfdev.com/)


- Lachlan Willacy
- Yan Parums (https://www.instagram.com/whereisyando/)

Install instructions

- Unzip the folder to your desired location.
- Launch the executable (.exe) file.


MM&D Gold Build (PC) (1.1).zip 99 MB

Also available on


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nvm i get why its called that. ;-;


btw  the title is the dumbest thing i,ve ever seen,

Me Myself & Die

Yeah Right.

довольно не плохо, чтобы размять мозги в перерывах. Фоновую музыку надо бы заменить, портит впечатление


Not bad enough to stretch your brains. Сan you replace the background music with something more appropriate? spoils the impression..

Thank you for playing our game and giving feedback!